Our history. 

Milan Bible Church traces its origins to a Bible study for English speakers living in Milan begun in the mid- 1960’s by Southern Baptists and workers from L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. By the mid-1970’s the group had changed its name to Milan Bible Church and had invited workers from UFM International, a church-planting group from the USA, to provide leadership for their weekly worship services. For the next twenty years, Milan Bible Church was led on a part-time basis by UFMers including Ray Whitlock, Ron Fisher, Al Nucciarone, Tom Job, and Jim McMahan.  By the mid-1990’s the work had grown to the point where UFM International began to look for a full time pastor to lead the ministry.  In 2000, Jim Kutnow, along with his wife, Lynda, came to provide full time pastoral leadership for Milan Bible Church.   They served faithfully until the end of June, 2015, when Pastor Jim and Lynda left the ministry to take up new responsibilities with Crossworld in the USA.  On .July 1, 2015 Scott and Sharon MacLean, also with Crossworld, assumed the pastoral leadership of the church.  

Our leadership. 

Council of Elders
A self-perpetuating Board of Elders is responsible for all ministry decisions at Milan Bible Church. Those who serve as elders must meet the qualifications described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Currently the board consists of four elders plus the pastor. Occasionally, men who have served in church leadership in their home countries and meet MBC’s qualifications for elder service are asked to consider becoming "Visiting Elders" during their sojourn in Milan.

In the spring of 2015, Scott MacLean, along with his wife, Sharon, were invited by MBC's elders to become the Pastor in place of Jim Kutnow who with his wife, Lynda, left to take up new responsibilities with Crossworld in the USA as of July 1, 2015.  Scott and Sharon have served with Crossworld as church planters and disciplers in Italy since 2000.  Before coming to Milan, they were working with a church fellowship in Domodossola doing evangelism and leadership training.

Our affiliations. 

Since the 1970’s UFM International, a US based church planting organization, has provided spiritual oversight and pastoral leadership for Milan Bible Church. In 2004, UFM International changed its name to Crossworld to reflect the goal of taking the message of the cross to the entire world. Currently 350 international staff members serve around the globe. Pastor Scott MacLean and his wife, Sharon, have been serving full time with Crossworld since 2000. The phrase, “Making disciples in the world’s least-reached marketplaces,” captures the essence of Crossworld’s vision.

Milan Bible Church considers the following Crossworld planted, Italian speaking fellowships as sister churches:

Chiesa Cristiana Punto Lode   

Chiesa Cristiana Punto Luce

Chiesa Evangelica Stadera  

Cristiani Biblici Insiemi Sesto Calende

International Bible Fellowship Sesto Calende (English speaking)

Chiesa Cristiana Nuova Vita Lallio